Unequivocally Strong Spa Protection

Inspired Insulation Capabilities, Durable and Long-Lasting Strength

Impermeable to moisture, weather, and time

MyLovac cover
Arctic Spas Mylovac™ cover is inspired by the unpredictable force of our natural environment. When faced with the weight of tumultuous weather conditions, Mylovac™ easily offers complete protection and insulation for your spa’s water and internal mechanisms.

Mylovac™ provides the expert craftsmanship and unparalleled durability that has become synonymous with owning an Arctic Spa. With innovation at the forefront of its design, Mylovac™ utilizes downward sloped edges and a raised center to allow for exceptionally easy snow and rain runoff.

Cover Mylovac
These intentional design elements continue into Mylovac’s insulation and weather-proof outer shell. At the core of this cover is double-density foam, interwoven with a metal “C” channel for both strength and support. This insulation and metal infrastructure are then vacuum sealed before being slipped into Mylovac’s premium quality, water repellent covering. By utilizing durable materials, Mylovac™ completely prevents sagging, molding, or collapsing of your hot tub cover. This dense foam and metal ring offer integral support for thousands of pounds, making heavy snow, rain, or weight unproblematic.

Mylovac™ also decreases the energy consumption of your spa, acting as a sustainable and economically responsible choice for your hot tub covering. Dense foam insulation works in combination with locking straps, insulated baffle, and protective wind flaps to seal warmth in, lowering running costs and preventing heat loss.

Inspired by our nature’s color palette, Mylovac™ is available in a cool gray or a warm, tonal brown.

Arctic Spas’ Mylovac™ cover offers the only technology capable of keeping moisture completely off your cover’s inserts. Explore the difference of Mylovac’s strength and integrity, today.

grey mylovac Cover


brown mylovac Cover


Arctic Spas Mylovac Cover open on a hot tub
mylovac lock