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YESS Oxygen Skin Therapy

by | Jul 8, 2021

What makes a Hot Tub a Spa? Our Oxygen Skin Therapy — the revolutionary new skin treatment that will give you the ultimate spa experience from the comfort of your home.

We have created a distinct spa experience by combining our YESS Oxygen Skin Therapy with the Peak Ozone System (available in our Arctic Spas® Custom Series line). Softening skin and pulling out impurities leaves you feeling and looking radiant. To learn how you can create younger-looking skin all while relaxing in your spa, keep reading!

Saturating the water with microscopic oxygen bubbles the system works to remove impurities in your skin. The minuscule bubbles attach to impurities in your pores and draw them away.

It’s like giving your whole body an oxygen facial. Your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and silky. Gone are the days of your skin feeling harsh after leaving your hot tub.

The oxygen also stimulates skin health and cell regeneration and all this while enjoying a luxurious soak in your Arctic Spas®.

A special motor with a wet end draws in the air where a small propeller grinds up this air to make millions of tiny microscopic-sized oxygen bubbles. These then get pushed into your hot tub. The idea is that these bubbles are so small they will get into all your pores and will pull out any impurities.

YESS Oxygen Skin Therapy will also increase blood flow to your skin, speeding up the nutrient intake and creating an overall younger look! Being covered in millions of bubbles makes your skin feel amazingly silky soft and smooth every time you use it. This will save you many expensive trips to high-end spas as you can achieve the same results from your own home.

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Another benefit of the YESS Oxygen Skin Therapy is the ability to enhance the effectiveness of the Ozone integration during filtration. Our reliable and highly effective Peak Ozone System already provides oxidization during filtration. Its effects are enhanced when combined with our amazing YESS Oxygen Skin Therapy.

This highly concentrated ozone is created within our Failsafe™ generators which is then injected into the water. This results in many of the organic compounds in your tub being oxidized, leaving less work for the sanitizers. When combined with the YESS Oxygen Skin Therapy you will experience the best ozone system available on the market.

All of these features are optimized with our fully automated hot tub system. Spa Boy® is the most important advancement for your hot tub since it provides the ability to fully automate your hot tub experience. Spa Boy® assists you sanitize and monitor your spa to maintain the ideal spa water conditions. This technology uses medical-grade sensors to constantly analyze your hot tub water creating the perfect conditions for your skin.

These combined systems allow you to relax in the most gentle, refreshing, and clean hot tub you have ever encountered creating the ultimate spa experience. If you want younger-looking skin with a clean feel due to extreme oxidization, this is the system for you! Our automated spa experience will allow you more time to enjoy your tub, leaving you more relaxed than ever.

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