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World’s Most Efficient Hot Tubs

by | Nov 25, 2021

We all share this planet, and at Arctic Spas®, we acknowledge our responsibility to create an environmentally friendly hot tub so you can relax in peace. The commitment to decrease the environmental footprint of our hot tubs is an ongoing journey we are committed to exploring.


Reducing The Impact

At the heart of our strategy is the reduced environmental impact of each of our hot tubs as it operates year after year in your backyard. We do this by making sure your hot tub runs efficiently, so you can save yourself economically while looking after our planet.


Committed To Communities

At Arctic Spas®, we begin by committing ourselves to our communities where we maintain
facilities. Our World Headquarters in Thorsby, Alberta, Canada, is the primary employer in the area. We contribute to the programs that foster healthy, active, and environmentally sound lifestyles within the community.

Our operations in Washington State, USA, strive to do the same, participating in many events, festivals, and programs that put the environment first. Our commitment to the environment extends into your backyard. Keep reading to learn more about how we manufacture our products to be as environmentally sound as possible.


Maintaining The Environment

To show our commitment to maintaining the environment, we always ensure we are PEFC certified. PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, a leading global, national forest certification system. In addition, the PEFC promotes sustainable forest management through its non-profit, non-governmental organization that ensures companies demonstrate responsible practices. Practices like this ensure we always stay on the right path when manufacturing our hot tubs sustainably.

Energy preservation begins with manufacturing your hot tub. Proper insulation directly affects your daily operating costs and energy consumption. It costs more to keep your tub at the ideal temperature in a poorly insulated environment. Arctic Spas® uses specially engineered techniques to ensure the ultimate energy conservation while running your hot tub.

Patented Technology

To do this, we use our own patented technology called our FreeHeat™ Perimeter insulation System. Our specially engineered system uses insulation strategically to save you money. Our process is done by strategically placing insulation all around the tub but still leaving room for the ambient heat produced from the motor to be reused.

This ambient heat is collected from the pump and penetrates the spa shell to help heat the water. This system will even protect your pumps from the cold in the winter, especially in a power outage.

A graphic showing a freeheat cycle
A graphic showing a freeheat cycle

We took this innovative insulation further by spraying high-density polyurethane foam applied to the cabinet walls and our floor systems. We wanted to design the ultimate cover with 5” of thickness to complete the entire insulation system to create an even more efficient design. The Mylovac cover features a full-length baffle that is capable of retaining even more of your energy and your money.

We always make sure any new technology we introduce is tested and approved by the energy commission government. This approval has us send in models to ensure our hot tubs are always within the ideal energy regulations. In addition, to comply with Canada’s energy efficiency act, we always make sure our products meet these energy efficiency standards and submit our products for regulatory approval.

Another way to lessen your environmental impact is through your hot tub maintenance. Frequently, other hot tub brands will require you to drain and fill your tub regularly to maintain the cleanliness of your spa. Unfortunately, this process results in significant water waste and more money in bills for homeowners.

Automated Water Care

To prevent dumping all your money down the drain, Arctic Spas® has created the ultimate automated water care system, Spa Boy®. This system accurately and effortlessly helps to maintain perfect clear and safe spa water for you.

This technology uses medical-grade sensors to constantly analyze key water cleanliness parameters and precisely control the output of your integrated saltwater system. This water care system allows you to keep your hot tub water for longer and not have to worry about draining and filling your hot tub as often. Our Spa Boy®’s automated water care system is the perfect way to encourage less water use, saving the environment and money.

Arctic Spas Spa boy Phone app

Renowned Hot Tub Brand

If you are still not convinced, here is what the Cover Guy is saying:

“The Arctic brand of hot tubs and swim spas does not stop there, the design and hydrotherapy is second to none in the industry as well. So like the companies before Arctic on this list, you will not be giving up comfort, design and hydrotherapy for new innovative technology and efficiency with an Arctic Spas®. And If you’re in a Northern climate you might want to consider moving this well renowned hot tub brand up in your search for a new hot tub.

Oh, and when they say “all-weather” they really mean all weather. Arctic parts and services are always available with a strong dealer network throughout North America. Arctic Spas® topside control will give any error codes needed to identify and repair the hot tub”.

As you can see, Arctic Spas® is constantly making sure our designs align with national standards leading you to save money and energy on your new purchase. In addition, with Arctic Spas®’ advanced technology, you can rest easy knowing that your hot tub is leaving the smallest footprint possible.