Arctic Spas Myths

Arctic Spas Myths

by | Mar 23, 2022

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. The other day I had a customer ask about what I call an Arctic Spa Myth. These are untruths that are made up by Salespeople of Other Brands, who we will refer to as SOB’s just to make this video shorter, you know Salespeople of Other Brands, SOB’s, anyway, these myths are used to try to convince you that you should not buy an Arctic Spa. Now before you think that this is going to be a video bashing other brand, it is not. It is just a video bashing the SOB’s who are bashing Arctic Spas. Hopefully, you are following along with me there.

In recent history some of the best companies have been both loved and hated. I guess if you don’t want to be hated, just do what everyone else does. But if a company really wants to be different, you create this division between the lovers and the haters. Take Apple for example, when they introduced the iPhone, it was hated. No buttons, what the heck? Now who has buttons on the face of their phone, just about no one including my dad, who just turned 80. But back in 2007 if you remember, there were tons of buttons on phones and tons of haters of the iPhone.

I went to my first home show in 1999 showing off the Arctic Spa against the competition. At that show, I had a customer come up to me saying that the SOB’s, remember, salespeople of other brands, had brought up an Arctic Spa myth. I was shocked. It was a lie. How could anyone lie about another product? The funny thing is that here in 2022, 23 years later, I just went to another home show and guess what, the exact same Arctic Spa Myth was brought up by a customer. Really, after 23 years, they are still using the same old myths.

So here are the Arctic Spa Myths and why they are just that, a myth!

Myth 01

Arctic Spas’ plumbing moves causing more leaks since it is not encased in foam.

While it is true, we do not fill the cavity between the shell and the cabinet full of foam like many other brands, we do strategically use foam to hold the plumbing. Check this out! Plus, we use tubing that is designed more like high pressure hydraulic hose versus a low-pressure sprinkler system where the tubing goes over the fittings. This makes the seal tighter when there is pressure in the tubing. After all these years, we would be out of business if this were true which it is not, just another Myth.

Myth 02

Arctic Spas overheat because we do not put vents in the cabinets like every else.

This is the craziest one. When I was 10 years old, my dad bought a Volkswagen Thing. It was a very basic car with the engine at the back. It was really cool because it was a convertible with 4 doors. He would pile up the family in the car and take us to get ice cream with the top down during the summer. It was awesome! The Volkswagen Thing had the engine in the rear, and it did not have a radiator. The engine was air cooled. Crazy I know. No cars built today are air cooled. They are all liquid cooled. Arctic Spas use the water to act as a heat sink to keep the equipment running cool and utilize this excess heat to help heat the water, which you want hot anyway. Every other brand of hot tub is dependent upon air movement to keep the equipment cool. I am not saying that air cooled hot tubs are necessarily bad, just like the Volkswagen Thing, it works. I am saying though that liquid cooled cars don’t overheat and neither does an Arctic Spa. While I was a little shocked by this in 1999, I am not surprised to hear this one now, but I have 23 years since that first home show proving that Arctic Spas don’t overheat.

Myth 03

Arctic Spas rust because we use saltwater.

The crazy part about this is if you ask a pool builder, they will always recommend saltwater for their pools. In fact, the vast majority of pools built now are saltwater. Every pool equipment manufacturer offers a saltwater system. If this same pool builder who recommends saltwater for their pools, also sells a line of hot tubs, they will tell you they do not recommend it for spas because it is corrosive. So, let’s visualize this, a box of water with a metal heater and a pump called a pool is not affected by the corrosiveness of saltwater but a box of water with a metal heater and pump called a spa is affected by the corrosiveness of saltwater. Yea, that makes a lot of sense. People say that saltwater is corrosive. This is not entirely true. It is corrosive on materials that get wet with saltwater and then dry leaving the salt. Then they get wet again and repeat this process. If saltwater was corrosive, then all metal ships on the ocean would be in big trouble. The fact is that Arctic Spas do not use any metal between the waterline and the top where this process happens. We are built specifically to be a saltwater spa. Saltwater is an option. Not all Arctic Spas have it, but the majority do. Once again, we have probably 15 years selling saltwater spas and, in that time, we have had 1000 upon 1000’s of spas with saltwater sold, and we don’t have issues with the saltwater spas being corroded by the saltwater.

Myth 04

Arctic Spas cabinets warp because they are made of wood.

This one really sucks people in. I get it, we don’t want more maintenance. Wood though has been around for a long, long time, longer than me or you. We have had lots of time to know what it does and how to make it last longer. Arctic Spas with the optional Clear Canadian Cedar Cabinet will last for forever but you will want to stain them once a year. They will not warp or fall apart in any way. Since we offer both composite cabinets like everyone else and cedar cabinets, I tell our customers that we offer you the unbiased opinion which is get what you want. Everyone else will tell you composite is the only way to go because that is all that they sell. Composite cabinets offer the advantage that you don’t have to stain them, but the disadvantage is that they cannot be restored, only replaced. Cedar cabinets have the disadvantage that they do require a little maintenance each year by staining them but offer the advantage that you get to restore it every year essentially giving you a brand-new hot tub each year. Both are great options. We give you the choice.

In the end, these SOB’s can tell you why you shouldn’t buy an Arctic Spa, but it is just because we do it differently. They spend so much time discounting Arctic Spas because if they can convince you that saltwater is corrosive, cedar cabinets are bad, or something else, you will overlook all the other positives that you love about the Arctic Spa and buy their brand instead. We are not the cookie cutter spa. We are built in the cold for the cold climates. And don’t forget, we have the 5-year warranty to back it up with no exclusions about leaks, overheating, or saltwater. 5 years! That is a long, long time. And yet after 23 years, the stories from the SOB’s are the same and our story is the same, Arctic Spas still work awesomely, and we still have lots of happy Arctic Spa customers and these myths are just that a myth! 

For more information, check out the Arctic Spa at, Give us a call at 801-483-1001 or stop by one of our stores in Salt Lake at 2368 S State Street, just north of I-80 on the west side of State Street or in St George at 1086 W Red Cliffs Drive just off of I-15 at the Green Springs Exit.

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