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5 Frustrations of Owning a Hot Tub

by | Jun 29, 2022

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. I know the title of this video is a little negative but just like the news, we get sucked in to negative titles but don’t worry, I will turn it positive showing you how to avoid each frustration.

The frustrations that I am talking about are not during the buying or delivery process but after you have had your hot tub for a while. These frustrations are not unique to any specific brand, but it is compiled from feedback we get from hot tub users.



we signed up to be a hot tub user for the relaxation not for more work. Believe me, when I say we, I am including myself as well. I don’t like it any more than you do. This is actually the biggest reason people stop using their hot tubs. Personally, I believe that water maintenance is actually very simple. In fact, the more complicated you make it, the lower the quality of water you will have. Many spa chemical companies and dealers try to set you up with a bunch of different products each with their own instructions. This is complicated and expensive. We set customers up with two simple systems, either our saltwater system or our mineral purifier system. We even give you a laminated instruction sheet so you know exactly what to do and can easily reference it when you have questions.

5 Frustrations of Owning a Hot Tub

No one available to answer questions.

With all new things, we have questions. Questions about how to operate the spa or maybe how to maintain it properly or maybe something just doesn’t seem like it is working right, when you have someone you can call, text or email, it becomes much less frustrating. Sometimes simple questions create frustrations. Know who to call before the question pops up and becomes a frustration. You can call or text us at 801-483-1001 or emails us at Support@ArcticSpasUtah.com. We also have lots of answers to questions including videos at ArcticSpasUtah.com/support.


Repairs or maybe a better way to say this is delays with repairs.

Let’s face it, hot tubbing can be addicting but if that water isn’t hot or clean, it will just ruin the experience. I think we all understand things can happen but when it takes a long time for the repair, it becomes frustrating. I am amazed how many spa dealers give their customers weeks delay to fix a problem. We typically just have a day or two before we can get it fixed for you. Find this out before you purchase your spa. Give a fake test call to the dealer to see how far out their service department is.


Not having easy access to your spa.

I know we all have the dream of putting the spa in the back corner of your backyard but just remember the farther away the spa is from your house, the less you will use it. It is just human nature. When it is just a couple of steps from your door to the spa, you will enjoy it more and use it more.


We never have time to use our spa.

This is a hard one to solve from my point of view for sure. I will say though that you will use your spa more if you get rid of the previous 4 frustrations which really goes back to the dealer who you purchased your spa from. Also, just like anything else in our lives, when you make time for it, then it will happen. You will get the value of using a hot tub. It is so easy to just revert to relaxing in front of a screen. Just get in the habit of putting down the screen and go relax your hot tub instead.

Most of these frustrations really go back to the dealer where you bought your spa. In today’s world, it is so easy to think you can just pick out one online and get it shipped to you. Just remember that your frustrations are much less when you have help from a local dealer. Research the dealer as much as you research the spa.

For the best local service here in Utah, give us a call at 801-483-1001 or stop by one of our stores in Salt Lake at 2368 S State Street, just north of I-80 on the west side of State Street or in St George at 1086 W Red Cliffs Drive, just off of I-15 at the Green Springs Exit.

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